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Wireless Building Site Alarms

Building SiteConstruction sites and vacant properties are a prime target for thieves and vandals, as well as being an inviting playground for local youths. On average 1 in 3 sites will suffer as a result of this and such can cost property owners and site managers thousands of pounds through downtime and replacement equipment costs.

What is the Minder video alarm?
Minder use the latest site security system which utilises sophisticated GPRS CCTV equipment. It consists of a number of cameras/detector units which are positioned around the site. When the system is armed the camera modules detect any form of movement, a 10 second video clip of what activated the alarm is transmitted to our Remote Guarding Centre.

The remote guard will review the video footage from the site and will react and co-ordinate response guards, key holders, emergency response teams and the Police to your site in the event of an intruder.

CCTVHow does the Minder video alarm work?
The system can be configured to operate in a number of ways in order to suit your requirements. A typical configuration is explained below:

The system is armed by the last person to leave site.

When one of the camera modules detects movement, the video is sent to the Remote Guarding Centre.

Within seconds an operator will review the live CCTV footage from the site.

The operator will trigger the external warning siren.

The Response Guard will also be dispatched to site & the local Police (if necessary).

Upon arrival the Response Team will conduct a full patrol of the site and secure where necessary.

The Remote Guarding Centre will continue to respond to further activations.

CCTV An external battery operated and wireless siren will be activated by our Remote Guard.




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