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Smoke Cloaking

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If they can’t see it they can’t steal it!

If your premises are at high risk from repeated burglaries and despite all the normal physical and electronic measures being installed, they still keep coming back. The solution may be to protect your property by instantly, filling the entire room with thick, dense artificial fog making theft very difficult.

The Smoke Cloaking Device is a powerful artificial fog generator and is designed to work seamlessly together with our intruder alarm installations, and therefore is fully automatic. So as soon as the burglar breaks in and the alarm is activated, the smoke bursts into action. The aim is to fill the time between the alarm activating and the Police arriving. The units are bolted to the wall or roof struts, making it impossible for the burglar to pick it up and throw it through the window.

The smoke can fill a 100m2 room (every inch of an average shop) in less than 30 seconds. It uses a feedback sensor, which detects the level of smoke - when the required level is reached, the system switches off. If the density drops, it will reactivate again, maintaining protection which 'robs' the burglar of the time that he needs.

The whole idea is to stop a burglar in his tracks. However, if you are worried about the intruders safety, then an optional automatic digitised voice unit can be fitted that blares out a warning to the intruder to stand still or leave at his or her own risk. The artificial smoke is harmless, although impossible to see through; it is difficult to block it as it is forced out at an enormous speed at a temperature of 300º Celsius, although it cools rapidly, like the steam from a kettle.

The Smoke Cloaking system we use meets all the criteria as stated in the British Standard BS 7939:1999 for Smoke Security Devices - Code of Practice for manufacture, installation and maintenance.

The vapour is harmless to humans, animals and property and is used in thousands of sites in the United Kingdom and around the world and is made using pharmaceutical/food grade glycols found in toothpaste, deodorants and wines.

Computers“What about computers?”
Smoke Cloaking system are used extensively to protect computer equipment. The dry nature of the smoke ensures that no deposition occurs on computer equipment. In addition, the liquid itself is non-conductive and non-corrosive. Tests have been conducted by a major international electronics manufacturer, which show that LCD modules and PCBs with surface mounted ICs are unaffected even when the pure smoke fluid is literally poured over them.

“What do the insurers say?”
Insurers throughout the UK now recommend and specify Smoke Systems. A number are also offering financial inducements to install. These include cash-back or premium reductions.



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