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Remote Guarding

Remote Guarding Control Room

Traditionally, many businesses have felt the best approach to achieving proactive security solutions was to invest their trust in manned guarding. Leave the security and safekeeping of their business and premises in the ‘competent hands’ of a night watchman or security guard(s). Whilst this method clearly still has a vital role to play for some applications, CCTV technology has advanced so far that there is now a better way in most instances. 

Minder operates a Remote Guarding Centre (“RGC”), from where client CCTV systems throughout the area are monitored.

Control RoomWhat we do different
CCTV cameras and alarmdetection devices are strategically placed externally around your premises to give you protection from unwanted visitors. The ‘eyes and ears' so to speak.

Anyone attempting to access your site will be detected and trigger an alarm (the ears). The appropriate camera(s) to the violated area(s) will be activated, (the eyes) to relay the video images.

Instantly, the system use your broadband and connects to our RGC and transmits the video images to us for assessment.

Speaker PhoneConnection is made within seconds. Trained to recognise and interpret events, the Operator will assess and action the most suitable response.  This can vary from an audio warning, right through to contacting a key holder or to calling the emergency services to respond to a visually confirmed crime-in-progress.




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