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Look OutThe importance of reliability
Almost every street has a nosey neighbour, someone who is at the front window at any strange noise or event out of the ordinary. But even these people can learn to ignore an unreliable alarm system, you’re the same. If someone's alarm is always going off then you just learn to ignore it, and local burglars know that if they target that house it’s highly unlikely they'll get caught.
NSI & UKASGet your alarm system serviced
We can’t express enough on the importance of at least getting your alarm system checked over and serviced every year (most home insurance companies require evidence that your alarm is maintained by an NACOSS approved company), If its been regularly serviced and maintained then your system should give you many trouble free years of service, but we would suggest you still think about getting it fully upgraded every 12 years or so.
Alarm FitterWhat's involved in the routine service?
The average (audible only) alarm system takes less than 35 minutes to service, once a year, if you have a monitoredalarm with Police response it will be serviced twice a year.

The engineer will check the Control panel, detectors, Bellbox and battery supply, voltages and current draws, backup batteries (to ensure a minimum 8 hour backup capacity), and walk test all thedetectors (clean if required), and finally test the alarm system is functioning correctly. You of course would be advised of any faults found, and be given suggestions for remedies or replacement parts as required.

PDAWhat if I get a problem between service visits?
For customers with a service contract, our engineers are available 24-hours a day and aim to be on site within 4 hours of receiving notification. Our telephone number for service will be displayed on your alarm systems keypad.

You can be assured our engineers will provide you with a speedy and efficient service for when those occasional problems arise.

To help our engineers as much as possible, they are equipped with hand held computers, which we use to forward call details, such as information on the last three visits to your system (in case it’s a recurring problem), and list of the equipment fitted. This means, if an engineer has not visited your premises before they know as much about your system as possible. These hand held computers enable the engineer to record time spent, parts used and a customer signature electronically on their units. A copy of the work carried out will be automatically sent to you by E-mail. Being paperless, this method is more environmentally friendly.

Service DeskService Desk back-up
Minder take service one step further with the ability to remotely monitor and maintain our customers' security systems from our Service Desk computer.

Our Service Desk can verify that your entire security system is fully functional, giving youcomplete confidence and peace of mind in your security system. With Remote servicing you only need take one day off work rather than two for an alarm engineer to come out and check your monitored system.

Service Desk enhances your security by constantly checking on the electrical status and functional capability of your alarm system.

Regular reporting by your alarm system to our Service Desk takes the hassle out of service visits and ensures your Minder alarm is always operating at its peak performance level. All detectors are regularly checked and regular reminders to walk-test the system are given.

At a pre-set time, the control panel will call our service desk and upload a full report on the status of your system. This report may be e-mailed or printed and copied to you, if required. The correct operation of signalling equipment to the alarm receiving centre (if connected) is reassured, along with a full test of the external sounders, initiated by you.

The Service Desk software incorporates the very best methodology to exceed the current police and European requirements on false alarm reduction and system functionality.

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