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Key Holding

Why letting Minder be your key holder makes sense

KeysBreathe TestIn response to several of our customers not being able to get members of staff willing to risk their driving licence over the Christmas period responding to an alarm activation at our customers business premises. We now offer a Key Holding service and list below some of the advantages of this service.

Drink Driving
You or your key staff will not be risking losing their driving license due to drink driving, particularly relevant during New Year’s Eve or Christmas Day?

No Personal Risk
In the event of a burglary, our service provides a prompt response to your premises by our Key Holder, night or day. This eliminates the potential risk to you or your staff and the consequent liability.

Peace of Mind
We undertake to instigate appropriate action as required, and generally look after your interests, relieving you of any worry whilst you are away from your property.

Insurance Advantage
Under the terms of many policies, insurance may be voided during a period when thealarm system is not functioning. This can be avoided by our ability to get the alarm system reset andworking again ASAP.

Minder KeyholdingStaff may be absent from work if they have been called out during the previous night. There is also no cost involved in remunerating staff, providing transport or mobile phones and no possibility of breaching Health and Safety regulations.

The cost of our service is tax deductible, as a legitimate company expense, meaning that according to which corporate tax band your company falls into, you can claim up to 40% of the costs back.




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