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1. Audible only Alarms
The alarm sounds at the premises only. Response is reliant on somebody contacting the police to report it. Many forces have a policy whereby they will not attend audible only alarms unless there is additional evidence to suggest a crime is being committed, in other words they are not likely to attend unless you report perhaps a visual sighting or noises such as glass breaking to backup your story. Some police forces maintain a list of key holders nominated by house owners. They will usually call out your key holder if they cannot contact you.

Example of a Home Security System

Control Panel Unit (CPU)
Takes AC voltage from your house supply and converts it to 13.2v to operate the security system devices & detectors. This is the brain of the system. It controls how the security system operates after it has been configured by our engineer to meet your requirements. All devices wire into the control panel.

Keypad Key Fob Keypad (RKP)
Used to access all user functions of the intruder alarm system such as arming and disarming the system, Silencing and resetting the alarm after activation, and adding/altering/configuring user access.

The system can also be set/unset by a fob which has a unique code and is programmed onto the system as an individual user, providing complete identification of users setting and unsetting the system.

Door Contact Door Contact (MRS)
Used to protect doors and windows, Contacts come in numerous shapes and sizes and can be either surface mounted or recessed.

Passive Infra-red (PIR)
Detects space intrusion. are in invaluable asset to any alarm system, they detect movement of heat, by looking at the room in Infra-red. The detector lens splits the room up into 20+ areas and basically any movement of heat between these areas will cause an activation of the alarm system.

The Shock Sensor (Viper)
Quite simply this device detects shocks, and is used to detect an attempted break in by forced entry. The idea is that the shock sensor detects any vibration caused by the intruder trying to gain access and triggers the alarm system before he has actually got in. A worthwhile consideration for any door or window frame.

Panic Button The Panic Button (PA Button)
When placed in a good location these Devices can prove a useful addition to your alarm system. Ideal locations for the hardwired PA Button might be by the front door, or within reach of your bed. We also supply wireless pendant types which you could wear around your neck, and when pressed would work from anywhere within your property, these can have up to 90 yards range so would be handy to have while gardening for instance.

The Smoke/Heat Detector
Smoke/Heat detectors are an invaluable addition to any Alarm System so long as they are correctly placed. Most houses would perhaps only need a couple (one in the Hall, and one on the Landing). Heat Detectors are perhaps best situated in the Kitchen, and possibly the lounge.

Minder Alarm Box Siren (Bellbox, SAB, SCB)
A local alarm outside and/or inside the premises. Usually referred to as a bellbox when mounted outside the premises and incorporates both a visual (by means of a strobe light) and audible means of alerting an intrusion. Internal units are usually much smaller and will mimic the bellbox but usually only audibly.

Speaker Speaker
A siren without an electronic driver signal. Mainly used to mimic any sounds generated by RKP, such as your Entry/Exit and general warning tones.

2. Monitored Systems
Once my system has been installed, if I have a question, is there someone I can speak to?
Minder Alarms operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Monitored System Does the alarm need to be reset by a engineer after an activation?
Most Minder Alarms are fitted with a remote reset device. If you set off your alarm accidentally, it can be reset remotely from our Alarm Receiving Centre, saving you time and inconvenience. However, following a genuine alarm or activation which needs to be investigated, a Minder technician would be required to visit your home to reset your system and ensure it is fully functioning.

Will the alarm system work on telephone lines not provided by British Telecom?
This depends on which type of monitoring you require. However our system is compatible with most current telephone suppliers.

Will the equipment I currently have on my phone line (e.g fax, answering machine, modem, Star Service or personal computer) affect my security system?
Our advisors will be happy to provide you with advice on this subject. In most instances you will still be able to use you existing phone line, however in certain instances it is advisable to have a separate dedicated telephone line for your security system.

What are the responsibilities of the keyholders?
You need to provide details of at least two keyholders who live within twenty minutes' travelling time of your home. If for any reason you are unable to nominate a keyholder there are companies which provide this type of service. Your keyholders must have the keys to your property and be familiar with your security system. If the alarm is activated and you are not available, one of your keyholders will be asked to visit your home to provide access for the police or other emergency services if required.

Will my pets set off the alarm?
Pets must be kept away from areas protected by certain detectors as the alarm would be activated by their movement. You can choose which rooms you would like your pets to have access to, and the system can be designed around this.

What if there is a fault with my telephone line?
In some instances your system will emit an audible tone if your telephone line has a fault at any time other than during an alarm. For further peace of mind we can advise on how your telephone line can be made more secure, using line monitoring services such as RedCARE.

Will I be charged by the Police for any false alarms?
No, the police do not charge for attendance to an alarm. However they will downgrade and eventually withdraw their response if they are called out to excessive false alarms.

I'm thinking about purchasing a monitored security system and I have a question...
Why do I need a telephone line for monitoring of my system?
The signal between your monitored security system and our Alarm Receiving Centre is passed through your telephone line so you need a telephone line to enable this transmission. Usually you can use your existing telephone line.  Our systems are compatible with most current telephone suppliers.

Do Minder Alarms offer pet-friendly solutions?
Yes, we can offer you a number of options when designing your system to reflect your needs, taking your pets into account.

Who arekeyholders and why do I need them?
A keyholder is a person who you have nominated to be the key contact.  If you are unable to respond when your system is activated, the keyholder provides access to your home. To ensure that your emergency is answered in the shortest time possible, your keyholder must live within twenty minutes' travelling time of your home, have keys to your property and be familiar with your security system.

If am unable to nominate a keyholder – can I still have a monitored security system?
Yes, if for any reason you are unable to nominate a keyholder there are companies, which provide this type of service.

Why do I need a monitored security system to qualifying for Police Response in case of burglary?
Following the latest guidelines issued by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), many police forces will not attend alarms from non-monitored systems unless there is also first hand evidence of a crime, whether from a owner or a member of the public phoning in. The police will attend to an alarm signal routed via our Alarm receiving Centre from a monitored alarm that qualifies for Police Response.

3. Wire Free (Radio)
More expensive than a wired system but easier to install but. This type of alarm comes in six classes. The higher the class, the more safeguards are built in. Most DIY radio alarms are class 1 up to 3. At Minder Alarms we only install Class 6, nor will the police accept a lower class if monitoring is to be considered.

Minimal disruption
With a wireless alarm, NO CABLES are installed between the main panel and each sensor. This means there is minimal disruption to your decor in your premises.

Quick install - saves you time
The major part of most alarm installations is the cabling. Wireless Alarms takes much less time as there are far less cables to install therefore reducing the installation time.

Flexible & scaleable solution
You can position a wireless sensor almost anywhere - even where cables can't reach making it a more flexible solution. It is also a lot easier to reposition the wireless sensors or add extra sensors if you decide to redecorate or make any structural changes to your premises saving you a lot of hassle and even costs.

Remote security
If you have any out buildings that you want to protect we can install a motion sensor without having to run any cables saving you time and money.

With a wireless alarm, you can easily take it with you if you decide to move premises rather than pay for a whole new alarm system and the installation charge.

Reliable & fully secure
The alarm comes with advanced digital technology and has Lithium Batteries installed in each sensor making the battery life of approximately 3-5 years. Wireless Minder Alarms comply with British & European Standards and with a monitored contract it can also have police response.

Wire free alarms do have their uses and are convenient and particularly useful in rented accommodation where you may not be allowed to make any alterations. Wired alarms generally cost less but are normally much more reliable. An option to consider could be a mixture of a Hardwired System for the majority of the installation and combining the versatility of wire free devices for awkward to reach areas which you may want protecting such as a garage, shed or workshop.

MINDER ALARMS monitored alarms are a complete intrusion detection system that protects your home or business from possible thieves or attacks of criminal activity 24hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the year. With aMonitored Alarm you get a complete comprehensive service that includes Police Response, Fire Response, and Key Holder Response. MINDER ALARMS will also provide you with routine inspections of your alarm system every six months making sure you are always protected. You are also guaranteed a 4 hour response time for any emergency call-outs subject to contract with access to MINDER ALARMS’ 24hr support services when you need it most.

Monitored System Monitored System The Universal Transmitter is a supervised, general-purpose transmitter that can be connected to door and window magnetic contacts or to other sensors.

The PIR Wireless Detector is a wall mount passive infrared wireless detector, available with two interchangeable lenses – a wide-angle 15m (50ft) lens, or a long-range 25m (75ft) lens.

The Wireless Shock Detector is based on the shock detection technology of the ShockTec wired shock detector.

The Wireless Shock Detector comes in the same housing as the Universal Transmitter.

Monitored System Monitored System 4-function miniature transmitter
The 4-Button Keyfob is a miniature transmitter for use as a remote control. It has 4 functions, activated upon 3 channels (each channel has a different address): arm & disarm on the same channel, panic and utility output on the other two channels.

The Wireless Smoke Detector is a photoelectric smoke detector for adding fire warning capability to intruder alarm systems. The smoke detector is designed for use in a single residential unit only. When sufficient smoke is detected, the detector will sound its alarm horn and the transmitter will send an alarm message.

The 2-Button Panic Keyfob prevents false panic alarms by requiring that both buttons be depressed simultaneously in order to cause an alarm. The keyfob includes a handy belt-clip or it can be attached to a keyring.

The Wireless Flood Detector provides an alarm in case of flooding above the sensor level.

4. Hard Wired
More reliable and cheaper than wire free, but takes longer to install. At Minder Alarms we pride ourselves in concealing the cables and keep disruption and mess to a minimum. In fact you will be surprised how tidy our engineers are.

A option to consider could be a mixture of a Hardwired System for the majority of the installation and combining the versatility of wire free devices for awkward to reach areas which you may want protecting such as a garage, shed or workshop.



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