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Minders CCTV systems provide an excellent deterrent against theft and vandalism.

Business Control RoomMinder closed circuit television systems protect your business with reliable 24 hour surveillance. Our CCTV surveillance solutions can be used for recording the activity occurring both inside and outside your premises and are linked to our hi-tech digital recording equipment. We advise you on the optimum combination of CCTV surveillance cameras, recording equipment and lighting to protect your business form theft, violence and vandalism.

CCTV control equipment
Minder provide an extensive range of commercial CCTV control equipment tailored to the individual needs of your business. From traditional analogue CCTV systems to the very latest digital CCTV surveillance equipment, Minder can offer the perfect closed circuit television security system to meet your security needs.

Alarm FitterDome CCTV CameraA wide range of CCTV cameras
Whether your business requires internal or external CCTV cameras, Minder has a range of monochrome or colour cameras designed to perfectlyintegrate with your system.

360 CameraDome CCTV cameras
Our dome CCTV cameras can be commanded manually or automatically and offer multiple key functions such as auto focus, 360 degrees viewing capability and the ability to switch views at high-speeds. They are discreet, able to withstand vandalism and can be installed to provide a fixed or multiple varied view.

We offer a full range of dome cameras including colour, monochrome or colour switching to monochrome to meet every application and requirement of your business.



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